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We help Canadians by:

  1. collecting and recycling cell phones to keep them out of landfills (recycle)

  2. selling affordable cell phones (reuse)

  3. inviting Canadians to join our collection network by placing a collection box at their workplace. This will reduce toxic waste and help create a greener tomorrow. (reduce)

Cell Phone Facts...

According to an article from the EPA, "Recycling cell phones helps the environment by saving energy and keeping...valuable materials out of landfills..."*

These "valuable materials" include such precious metals as gold, silver, and copper. Cell phones also contain a host of other metals as well as plastic. All of these materials require mining to obtain the raw materials and a significant amount of energy for extraction and refining. According to the EPA, if the estimated 100 million cell phones ready for disposal in the U.S. were salvaged, we'd save enough energy to power 18,500 U.S. homes for a year. 2009-2010 All human and animal rights carefully reserved and preserved.